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The Shadow of the Sun: Back Cover Copy

The City is vast. The City is the beginning and end of what its people know. The City is governed by the Shade. The Shade has a policing force, the Shadows, which are used to maintain order, however, the Shade has a greater tool used to maintain control: Lief. Lief is a daily injection taken by the entire population, it is the addiction of all of The City. Lief assures a healthy life.  Lief delays death itself, prolonging the life of any individual until the Shade restricts their allotments, death then quickly follows.

The people do not question the Shade, or The City they live within. They do not question because they risk having Lief supplies limited, but above this, they do not question because they do not have questions to ask. Life within The City is not bad and knowledge of the past is limited, there is no different society known to them, there is no alternative lifestyle imaginable to these people. There is nothing in their known world to create cause for them to question their own lives.

For very few, however, there is an inescapable sensation that something is missing. There is a question which they cannot find, that has an answer which will prove to be all too obvious.

There are anomalies in The City. Things unnoticed to most, but to a select few it suggests something else, something more. There are five specific people living within The City, each seemingly unlinked to the next, each fulfilling entirely different roles in society. All 5 of these people share something, though: a sensation, a subconscious feeling that there is something else.

A single event takes place, the suicide of one man. An event that should have no repercussions, an incident which should be isolated, should be indifferent to the rest of The City. That suicide however, creates a turning point in the lives of all five characters.  A sequence of events that will culminate in a final result which no person within The City could have imagined possible.

It took everything one man could offer, down to his life itself, to create the opportunity for the others to question, and some questions, once asked, can never be forgotten. Some questions have always been present, even if they have never been asked; even if the answer is something they do not want to know; even if the answer is something they already know.


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