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There doesn’t appear to be a collective noun for a compilation of words*, therefore despite “shorts” not being the most appropriate description of the things to be found on that page, it will have to suffice.

Short(er)s is a page with multiple examples of my writing, all of which are, (you guessed it) short(ish). The works are presented to provide some representation of what I do and the style with which I do it. Some short stories will appear here in their entirety, others will only have excerpts, some stories will not be considered short at all and some of the words here will hardly count as stories. Whatever it may be, I wrote it, and I’m offering it up to the great abyss of the internet for anyone who is interested to read.

Short(er)s will be updated relatively frequently as I try to get more of my work beyond the graveyard of “My Documents” and out into the world of public consumption.

*Of course if I’m incorrect and a collective noun for compilations of words does exist, or does come to, then I will happily change the page title.


The Shadow of the Sun

The Shadow Of The Sun is my first (and presently only) novel. Started in 2012, finished in 2013, with revisions completed in 2014 and ’15 respectively. Although I’ve called this novel finished more than once before, it is once again under edit as I am currently considering/attempting separating it into two pieces in hopes of making it more mass consumable.

Most easily categorized as Science fiction, The Shadow of the Sun is a social commentary set in a predictive future dystopia, underlain with philosophical and political concept. The novel follows five main characters all from different parts of a society that is not so foreign from our own. A brief synopsis of the novel can be found on the self-titled page, along with the first 5 chapters. I won’t say for certain at this time whether or not more of the novel will be posted to this site: between its mid-edit state and my ongoing quest to have it published I’m unwilling to make any definitive commitments.


Keeping Time

Keeping Time is my most recent writing endeavor.  Grown frustrated with the limited space for character development and plot complexity which writing Short(er)s required, I began work on Keeping Time to allow fresh writing with less constriction.  Part One of Keeping Time will be posted to the site on March 1st, with Part Two set to be released on April 1st, and Part Three being made available on the 1st of May.

The premise and plot of Keeping Time will thus far remain in my mind alone with hopes of maintaining some of the mystique of this work in progress.  A blurb will be released just a couple days prior to Part One’s posting.