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Let me tell you a story.

My name is Clay, I write under C. B. Smith. I write, is the most important piece of information in that sentence.  I like stories, I like thoughts, I like essays and also plots. I dislike that I made that rhyme, but sometimes I like things which do so. I like words in any and every form, and I like writing them more than I like, well, just about anything.

I have successfully surpassed people using ‘brave’ as the most common adjective to describe my ambition and strode into increased use of ‘immature’.  I imagine I will skip through the decreasing use of ‘immature’ and the growth of ‘disappointing’ rather quickly, before excelling into the realm of ‘foolish’. I look forward to hearing what they come up with after that. I look forward to continuing my pursuit for countless indifferent-outsider-opinions to come.

Perhaps you’ll like some of the words I’ve written, if not, perhaps you’ll like something I’ll come to write.  If neither of the prior proves applicable, we’ll just have to wait until someone tells you that you like it and I have the opportunity to either ignore your praise, or like you for your stubbornly maintained disapproval.

The most important thing I said in those three paragraphs was that I write.  Now that you’ve read that twice, go read something I’ve written.


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