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Keeping Time: Part Two

Chapter 5 Superstition Synonymous with Solicitude The blank page is menacing. Terrifying in fact, but as I write these words, the unblemished perfection is broken, and my thoughts may flow free. I did not fall for half empty ball point pens and pound-shop notebooks.

Small delay on Part Two!

Hey all, I regret to announce that part two of “Keeping Time” will not be posted tomorrow as anticipated. Don’t worry, it’s still coming up! But, the release date is going to be shifted to mid-May. The month of March turned a little busy for

Keeping Time: Part One

*Keeping Time is intended for an adult audience: 18+. Due to some explicit content, it may not be to everyone’s taste. Prologue Still as Statues   Dust, which only decades should produce, covered windows, walls and floors.  Dust that suggests an absence of all movement,

About “Keeping Time” and Part One Teaser

Keeping Time is my most recent writing endeavor.  Grown frustrated with the limited space for character development and plot complexity which writing Short(er)s required, I began work on Keeping Time, a fantasy novel, to allow fresh writing with less constriction.  Part One of Keeping Time

Let me tell you a story.

My name is Clay, I write under C. B. Smith. I write, is the most important piece of information in that sentence.  I like stories, I like thoughts, I like essays and also plots.

Dying Men and Growing Trees

  Dying Men, and Growing Trees A collection of recollections (mostly) By: C. B. Smith “It’s obviously impossible to take both roads.  It’s only through artistic liberty that one can claim to know both destinations.

A Slack Sixteenth

A Slack Sixteenth By: C. B. Smith   My childhood imagination was always backdropped by fantastical worlds within which I needed to survive. Places plagued by aliens or monsters at my youngest, by war and nuclear apocalypse as I grew.


  Better I laugh politely and then look down, staring at my feet, extending the exhale at the end of my laugh and then letting silence settle.  I had things that could be said; I simply had no desire to speak them, I let the