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About “Keeping Time” and Part One Teaser

Keeping Time is my most recent writing endeavor.  Grown frustrated with the limited space for character development and plot complexity which writing Short(er)s required, I began work on Keeping Time, a fantasy novel, to allow fresh writing with less constriction.  Part One of Keeping Time was released on the March 1st.  Part two has an intended release date of April 1st, with Part 3 to follow on the 1st of May.

Part 1 Teaser:

A drunk and dejected writer wanders the outskirts of London in the early hours of the evening. He searches not for inspiration, but only for another drink to help him live with himself for another few hours. Coincidence, if you believe in such things, leads him to precisely the type of pub for which he searches. A disgruntled barman and the hostile looks of patrons create an atmosphere which most would avoid, yet something about the symbol on the pub’s sign and the atmosphere within feels oddly familiar. What then transpires will come to be the best or the worst night of the rest of his life. Only time, if you believe in such things, will tell.

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